Equipment, competence and top-class routines.

Quality is keyword for us in Budapest Klinikken. We have invested millions of norwegian kroner in modern technology, and amongst our dentists you’ll find specialists in oral surgery, periodontitis, prosthetics and fillings. All our dentists have Norwegian authorization, and the specialists have the same qualifications as in Norway. The clinic in Budapest is also ISO certified.

As our customer, you get access to all the necessary specialists. At the clinic we have dentists who specialize in oral surgery, periodontitis, prosthetics, and fillings. The fact that we have collected these expertise at our clinic, makes it easier for you as a customer and you can be assured that you will get the best treatment at all times.

Budapest Klinikken Ungarn AS has a brand new and modern dental laboratory at the clinic in Budapest. In this laboratory all dental technician works are made such as porcelain works, crowns, dentures etc. The fact that the laboratory has very good capacity, located at the clinic and is accustomed to serving Norwegian patients, ensures that our Norwegian customers can get their treatment done in the shortest possible time.


When we started with dentistry in Budapest we were, and still are, the only actor who has only authorized Norwegian health personnel at our office in Norway. If you contact Budapest Klinikken Ungarn AS in Norway you will find either a dentist, a special nurse, or a dental hygienist who all have good knowledge within their subject areas.

At our clinic in Tromsø and Tønsberg we also have skilled dentists, dental hygienists, assistants and other skilled people at the clinic. With our solid expertise after many years as a provider of dental health services in Budapest, we would dare to say that we have the professional foundation that is important to you as a patient.

This ensures that you as a patient should be able to feel safe, as well as get professional guidance from health personnel all they way from contacting us the first time, until you have been treated.

MODErn x-ray equipment

As one of the few clinics in Northern Norway, Budapest Klinikken Tromsø has its own CT X-ray. So does Budapest Klinikken Tønsberg. We also have a specialist in facial and jaw biology associated with the clinic. This ensures that we can make the right diagnoses in advance, and from this we can offer the right treatment and prognoses.

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