We will help you with the practicality if you are entitled to a refund.

If you have illness that entitles you to have refund from HELFO, then you will have the same rights for a refund with us in Budapest that you would have received at home in Norway.

The difference is that Norwegian clinics often have a so-called “direct refund”/an agreement with HELFO. Abroad, this scheme is not possible, and one must therefore apply after the treatment is done in order to get a refund of the amount you are entitled to. We help arrange the application procedure for you at the clinic as have integrated Helfo’s form into our systems, along with collecting all documents from us needed by Helfo. This is done in consultation with Helfo so that everything is streamlined for you as a patient.

In practice, this means that you pay in Budapest for the dental treatment and send the application for a refund afterwards, when you return home. Our dentists / specialists fills out and makes ready all the necessary papers and documentation for you, so it’s easy to forward it to Helfo when you get home. Please ask us if you have any questions regarding this. There are Norwegian fixed rates that determine which refund is given for dental treatment.

What will be covered?

As a rule, adults must pay the cost of dentistry themselves, but there are some exceptions if you have certain diseases, conditions or injuries. The dentist / dental hygienist should consider whether you fall into any of these exceptions, that makes you entitled to Helfo support/refund. 15 conditions / cases have been defined that may entitle to Helfo benefits. You can find the overview here.

Calculation by tariff

Refunds for dental treatment are given according to fixed rates, and it is the Norwegian tariffs / rates that are used as a foundation for this.

This arrangement comes as a result of the Eu Court’s previous decision stating that health services that are not defined as hospital treatment should be treated equally throughout the EEA area. This means that you can carry out medical treatments and examinations abroad and get this refunded from the National Insurance Scheme.
Helfo will manage the reimbursement requirements. They have created a form for Norwegian patients who perform dental treatment in another EU countries, and who can then claim reimbursements from the National Insurance Scheme. The condition for reimbursement is that your dental disease is defined as permanent.

Budapest Klinikken Ungarn AS is regularly in dialogue with Helfo. We have prepared all application procedures for you at the clinic by including Helfo’s form into our patient system. This is done in consultation with Helfo so that everything is streamlined for you as a patient.

The premise is that you meet the requirements of what the authorities have defined as permanent dental diseases. Examples of this are periodontitis, and bruxism. Many Norwegians meets these requirements. Both periodontitis and bruxism are far more prevalent than most are aware of. Weekly we are in contact with patients who come to our clinics who were not familiar with the rights they have, or that they at all had a dental disease.

Budapest Klinikken, unlike most of our competitors, only has authorized health personnel such as nurses and doctors at our office in Norway. Our professionals have all the knowledge and experience related to documentation requirements from eg. National Insurance. They also know the different disease concepts and understand the medical thermology, which in our view are a great advantage in this context.


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