Excellent dentistry quality

The clinic has spent millions of norwegian kroner in modern technology, and has experienced, skilled professional dentists and specialists in oral surgery, periodontitis and prosthetics. In addition, all dentists have Norwegian authorization, and the specialists have the same qualifications as in Norway. The clinic in Budapest is also ISO certified.


By choosing us, you can save over half of what you would spend on the same treatment in Norway, even when you include the cost of flights and accommodation. In fact, you can save up to 70 percent of Norwegian prices! Our clinics in Norway keep the same high quality – at very competitive prices.


We help you with all the practicalities
You are just a short phone call away from better dental health. At the head office in Norway you will only meet authorized health personnel such as special nurses, dentists, dental hygienist and doctors. They will be able to answer all your questions. You also get help to organize everything – from departure upon returning home.


Budapest Klinikken is a fully Norwegian owned company with the most modern dental clinic located in a 4-star spa hotel in Budapest, as well as two modern dental clinics in Tromsø and Tønsberg that offer most of the dentistry. A third clinic in Norway are also soon coming, and will be opening in Bodø approximately around May/June of 2019. Our mantra is to deliver high quality dental care, but at a lower price than our competitors. Highly trained dentists, spesialists and dental hygienists, as well as other health professionals all having key roles, contribute to a safe and good patient-experience with us whether you are doing a simple teeth whitening or major surgery such as implant insertion.

Not like other dental clinics

Along with being one of the first dental clinics offering dental treatment in Budapest, we have also all the way from start been very determined to give you as a customer a very different experience when going to the dentist. There are many things you will find are different. Like the way we have designed the rooms, the atmosphere, how we follow you up- all in the hope that you will make no mistake that we want to provide for you with the very best.


Budapest Klinikken has been in Budapest since 2004. We cooperate well with both the hotel where the clinic has its premises, but also with the local tourist office in Budapest. Our staff can help you out with information about this wonderful and great European city, whether you are looking for a special spa, some shopping or want to experience high-class culture and concerts.

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Customer pledge

High quality dental treatment at low cost

Top equipment and professionals of the highest rate, in combination with a focus on solutions and organising that keeps the price down, are key ingredients in our corporate philosophy.


Are you in need of any dental treatment and want to try one of our clinics, yet your have some more questions? Do not hesitate to contact us! Send us an inquiry here on the website and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to and give you information about what you are requesting.

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